About Me

After retiring from the Marine  Corps, I went to work in the recreational vehicle industry as a photographer and graphic designer. I photographed the interiors of RVs for brochures, flyers and the internet for many years. Due to the limited space inside these vehicles I learned quickly how difficult it is to get accurate photos without the right equipment, lighting and techniques. I produced brochures highlighting with photos, marketing the unique features found in each model. My wife and I then found ourselves in a difficult situation during the  recent economic decline as several of the  homes in our area went into foreclosure and we were faced with the possibility of loosing the value in our home as we expected the foreclosures to sell under market values. Upon learning of the situation, we immediately listed our home.  The market in our price range was large producing a lot of competition. With a great agent and using the techniques described in this site, we sold our home in less than 6 weeks with two offers on the same day. This inspired me to start this business.


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