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PS Camera 1

This photo was taken with an expensive $500.00 camera. While the quality of the photo is not bad, without a wide angle lens, the pillars appear slanted and although this is a small room, the walls are cut off.

The answer is quite simple. The internet has become invaluable in successfully marketing your home. Local home periodicals of listings showing only the outside of the property, can be found at grocery stores and restaurants are very popular however, they generally lead  83% of buyers to the internet where they expect a gallery of photos providing a complete picture of the home. Point and shoot cameras or cell phone digital photos cannot bring out the individual room details and warm features prospective buyers need to experience in order to get the showings that will sell the home.  The key is getting people to come look at your home! Professional photos are a small investment in order to sell your home quickly.

Inside Shott

This photo was taken from a recent MLS internet listing. Obviously the windows are blown out and the overall photo is to dark. Note the walls on the right side of the photo. Without using a DLSR camera with a wide angle lens, the walls on the right side of the room appear to be slanted. The bad quality of this photo will not attract buyers to want to see the home.

The human eye has an incredible dynamic range that is estimated to be around 20 stops. A stop is simply a measurement of light. The dynamic range of the human eye is significantly broader than most DSLR cameras with ranges between 10-14 stops. Excessively worse with point and shoot or cell phones.

Take a moment and look at the room you are in. You will see a room with bright highlights where you have lighting or   windows, other areas of the room  you will see darker areas away from the  light source.  Our eyes can generally see the entire dynamic range within this scene however, in these same scenes, the average camera is only going to see a portion of that 20 stop range. For example, if your camera has a dynamic range limited to 10 stops, then you will see half of the rang that your eyes would see.

HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography is a technique for capturing a much broader tonal range than a digital sensor can record in a single exposure. Simply put, the digital camera sensor is not technically advanced enough to capture the range of light available in rooms with lighting in fixed locations. Natural or electrical.

Home Page

This is an HDR photo taken with only natural light. The left outside wall is all windows. The difference speaks for it’s self. There is not doubt of the actual space show in this photo.

HDR photography is a technique were multiple exposures of the same room are taken simultaneously, one image records the brightest areas,  another records the darkest areas and one  in between. They are then edited in a program such as Adobe Photoshop where they are combined to produce one complete photo. Nothing is fictional  or changes the photo to portray some false impression. The result produces excellent photos that will make potential buyers interested in seeing your home. It is like a resume, you may have one however, if it does not attract employers, it won’t get you interviews.  If you can’t attract showings, you property will not sell easily.






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